SUNY Delhi, State University Construction Fund | MacDonald Hall Culinary Cooking Laboratory Design

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SUNY Delhi, State University Construction Fund | MacDonald Hall Culinary Cooking Laboratory Design

  • Project Size: 3,500-sf
  • Project Location: 454 Delhi Dr, Delhi, NY 13753
  • Project Team: SUNY Delhi, State University Construction Fund
  • Completion Date: Completion of Design Phase 2017
  • Construction Cost: $4 Million estimated
  • Owner Contact: Carl Rubenstein, Program Manager
  • Project Request:

    To upgrade the MacDonald Hall Cooking Labs in order to maintain the school’s exceptional reputation as a top culinary arts program.

  • Project Solution:

    The 3, 500-sf project includes three new instructional or cooking labs, upgrades to the building’s lobby finishes and the creation of a café style dining and retail space. Each of the very busy cooking labs will include critical refrigeration components, conventional and convection ovens, sanitation stations including a new three-bay sink, the latest in gas and induction cooktops (essential for professional standards), and updated exhaust hoods and fire suppression systems. A television monitor system is included for instructional activities held in the labs and a modern demonstration class with tiered seating is equipped to host guest lecturers in the profession. The lobby renovation includes upgrades to existing finishes with wood veneer wall panels to tie-in with the wood features of the existing building. The space is designed to provide faculty and students a venue to experience and manage all aspects of a culinary facility with cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment. The retail/café space is expected to sell bakery goods created in class and will give students the hands-on experience of producing, marketing and managing the profitability of their specific foodservice products and developing skills to be successful leaders in this important industry.