Building Forensics

Forensics investigation services investigate and evaluate problematic building conditions and any systems associated with the building. With an expertise in roof failures, moisture issues, structural concerns and exterior envelope failures we will thoroughly investigate all concerns and recommend reasonable, economical and long-term solutions.

Roof and Equipment Replacement Design | Wilton Medical Arts of Saratoga Hospital, Saratoga Springs, New York

A roof investigation for Saratoga Hospital Wilton Medical Arts Building to determine the source of water infiltration in the building.  Following an inspection and roof test cuts, it was determine failed seams on the existing membrane were causing the leakage.

Atrium Investigation and Repair | Nathan Kline Research Institute, Orangeburg, New York

Our investigations determined that it was due to an improperly constructed stick-built curtain wall system. We provided documents for a new pre-engineered system.

Roof Replacement/Water Infiltration | Albany Memorial Hospital, Part of St. Peters Health Partners, Albany, New York

Investigation and repair the water infiltration of masonry veneer to determine to the source.