Department of Health Certificate of Need (CON)

Over the last 20 years, HHA has submitted on average 50 projects a year to NYS DOH for Certificate of Need (CON) review.  The projects have run the gamut of small renovations to major buildings or building additions.  Consequently, we are familiar with the requirements for all levels of review; Notification Letter, Limited Review, Administrative Review and Full Review approval.  While the above levels of review differ with the required clinical and financial information required the level of our work is generally the same with architectural narrative, floor plans, site plan, Environmental Assessment, Life Safety Code review and cost estimate. HHA has also reviewed CON applications for the State of Vermont.  The reviews varied significantly in scope and covered all categories including both new construction and renovation of inpatient, ambulatory care and nursing homes.  Understanding how to look at a set of documents from a regulators standpoint provides valuable experience when submitting our drawings. Because of our experience with DOH we know enough not to promise on how long a submission takes to be reviewed and approved.  DOH Architects has done a good job recently of standardizing the requirements for a review as well as standardizing the review.  They have also added staff so reviews are happening very quickly and not holding up the DOH review process.  However, with this has also come more submission requirements which take longer to prepare especially for Schematic Design submission.  In order to meet the requirements for the Design Development (DD) package, which is approximately 75% completion of construction documents, we modified our standard construction document process to include information that is not standard for the normal construction document preparedness.  In order not to have this submission affect a project schedule our clients usually authorize us to continue on with construction documents while the DD set is being reviewed.  We have been very successful with our submissions receiving very few comments and even fewer requested changes.

Schematic Design Submission/CON for Specialty Care Center | St Peter’s Health Partners, Medical Center, Clifton Park, New York

Worked with SPHP to renovate their existing facility and an adjacent building. The intent of the project was to create a cohesive medical campus to conveniently provide a number of different medical services, including specialty services, in one location. The completed campus houses family medicine, urgent care, pediatrics, phlebotomy, OB/GYN, imaging, cardiology, and pulmonology.

Design Development Package and Initial CON Submission for Eye Surgery and Laser Center | Colonie ASC, LLC, Latham, New York

Since it is a new center controlled by a new entity The Special Eye Surgery Center needed full Certificate of Need (CON) review as an establishment of a new Article 28 entity. This required approval from NYS Public Health and Health Planning Council. HHA completed the architectural/engineering portion of the initial CON submission which consisted of DSG–1.0 drawings including floor plan, life safety plan, and site plan, as well as architectural narrative, cost estimate (Schedule’s 8 and 10) and Architect’s Letter of Certification.

Full Certificate of Need (CON) Review for Physicians Pavilion Outpatient Center | Albany Medical Center, Albany, New York

Over the last 25 years, our firm has submitted on average 50 projects a year to NYS DOH for Certificate of Need (CON) review. We have been told by DOH staff that our submissions are of very high quality; complete and easy to follow.