Structural Engineering

Hyman Hayes Structural Engineering Services

Structural engineering is a branch of civil engineering that deals with the analysis and design of structures. These structures may include buildings or non-building structures such as bridges, pipe trestles, and equipment support. Using theory taken from classical physics along with mechanics of materials, geometry and trigonometry structural engineers can predict the response or behavior of a structure to assist in its design. Often times in building design a structural engineer will most likely be familiar with at least two types of building materials that are often found in building construction. At Hyman Hayes Associates our structural engineers work closely with our architectural staff to help make their ideas become a reality. This involves the constant review of the proposed building ideas to find ways to make the designs more practical and economical without sacrificing much of the original design intent. This process often starts during the design development phase of each project and continues right through the construction document phase.

Our services include: