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General Inquiries: 518 452-3470 x 201 (Elizabeth Dunston, Office Manager)
Fax: 518 452-3783. Click below to send us an email and we will get back to you as soon as we can.  [email protected]

DavidLoucks, R.A., LEED A.P.Managing PrincipalExt. 205 Email Dave
StanHayes, R.A., EDACPrincipalExt. 209 Email Stan
MylesHyman, R.A., LEED A.P.PrincipalExt. 206 Email Myles
JustinPechar, P.E., S.E.Principal, Director of Structural EngineeringExt. 213Email Justin
FredFranko, R.A.Senior Associate, Director of DesignExt. 204Email Fred
MichaelDobereiner, AIA, LEED A.P.Senior AssociateExt. 207Email Michael
AlexRenzi, R.A., LEED A.P.Senior AssociateExt. 208Email Alex
RabiaShinaishin, R.A.Senior AssociateExt. 202 Email Rabia
MargaretMulCahy, R.A.AssociateExt. 226Email Margaret
LisaBoyerAssociateExt. 212 Email Lisa
Jay StasackAssociateExt. 210Email Jay
JeremyDeLaBruereSenior Project ManagerExt. 221 Email Jeremy
JavierPortocarrero RoaSenior Project ManagerExt. 224Email Javier
JaredShueSenior Project ManagerExt. 203 Email Jared
AustinAlbanProject ManagerExt. 223Email Austin
KristenHoughtonProject ManagerExt. 210Email Kristen
AngelaRyasonProject ManagerExt. 215 Email Angela
PaulUrbanProject ManagerExt. 216 Email Paul
ZacharyWebberProject ManagerExt. 218Email Zachary
MarkPattersonProject ManagerExt. 211Email Mark
LillianKolehmainenDesign EngineerExt. 222Email Lillian
LyndsayFitchJunior Interior DesignerExt. 217Email Lyndsay
TaraO'NeillDirector of MarketingExt. 219Email Tara
ElizabethDunstonOffice ManagerExt. 201Email Elizabeth