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Albany, NY 12205

General Inquiries: 518 452-3470 x 201 (Elizabeth Dunston, Office Manager)
Fax: 518 452-3783
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DavidLoucks, R.A., LEED A.P.Managing PrincipalExt. 205 [email protected]
StanHayes, R.A., EDACPrincipalExt. 209 [email protected]
MylesHyman, R.A., LEED A.P.PrincipalExt. 206 [email protected]
JustinPechar, P.E., S.E.Principal, Director of Structural EngineeringExt. 213[email protected]
FredFranko, R.A.Senior Associate, Director of DesignExt. 204[email protected]
TaraBania, C.I.D., NCIDQDirector of Interior DesignExt. 222 [email protected]
MichaelDobereiner, AIA, LEED A.P.Senior AssociateExt. 207[email protected]
AlexRenzi, R.A., LEED A.P.Senior AssociateExt. 208[email protected]
RabiaShinaishin, R.A.Senior AssociateExt. 202 [email protected]
MargaretMulCahy, R.A.AssociateExt. 226[email protected]
LisaBoyerAssociateExt. 212 [email protected]
JeremyDeLaBruereSenior Project ManagerExt. 221 [email protected]
JohnLinkSenior Project ManagerExt. 220 [email protected]
JavierPortocarrero RoaSenior Project ManagerExt. 224[email protected]
AustinAlbanProject ManagerExt. 223[email protected]
KristenHoughtonProject ManagerExt. 210[email protected]
AngelaRyasonProject ManagerExt. 215 [email protected]
JaredShueProject ManagerExt. 203 [email protected]
PaulUrbanProject ManagerExt. 216 [email protected]
ZacharyWebberProject ManagerExt. 218[email protected]
LizHaightDirector of Business DevelopmentExt. 219[email protected]
ElizabethDunstonOffice ManagerExt. 211[email protected]