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Celebrating our HHA Principal Maggie MulCahy, RA - 
Albany Business Review's "Women on the Rise" Award Recipient

Title:                Principal
Company:        HHA
Age:                 36
Grew up:         N. Attleboro, MA
Resides:          Glenville, NY
Education:       BA, RPI
Spouse:           Jason Jendzeizyk

How has your career path diverged from your initial plans?

While I do like to plan, I think it is essential to keep it loose enough to grasp opportunities as they come up and change direction if needed. I knew I wanted to be an architect from a young age, but I had nothing too specific beyond that planned.

What event or decision has impacted your career the most?

When I moved to the Capital Region in 2013, I had a few job offers to consider. Choosing to work for Hyman Hayes Associates (HHA) was a significant turning point. Through this decision, I found my passion for designing healing environments in the healthcare sector. I was also able to fit right in with the firm culture and was given steady opportunities to grow and advance within the company, eventually becoming a partial owner.

What’s happening in the Capital Region that you’re most excited about?

Seeing a trend towards more sustainable design and green building practices in the area is exciting. We have also seen an increase in higher education and laboratory building types, two of our market sector specialties, so I am excited to see the area grow as a research and technology center.

What excites you about the future of your career?

I look forward to continuing to grow with HHA and bringing up the next generation of designers and leaders.

We are also constantly looking for ways to add value to the region through strategic partnerships and design expertise; I am excited to keep moving forward with those things in mind.


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