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About Hyman Hayes


HHA’s architectural services go well beyond building renovations and new construction. Our forensics investigation services include evaluating and providing solutions for roof failures, moisture issues, structural and exterior envelope concerns.
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Interior Design

HHA’s interior design department sees that each clients needs are met by educating and providing them with the most durable, cost effective and visually appealing finishes for their space.
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Our team is comprised of highly qualified individuals.
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We are a team-structured design firm and believe our strengths come from the creativity and talent of every member of our team.
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Hyman Hayes is a mid-sized architectural firm that consistently ranks as a Top 10 firm within the Capital Region. Our main area of expertise and focus is healthcare, education, government projects, and interior design with 85% of our work from clients we have worked with before. While our main concentration of work is in the Capital District, HHA projects can be found throughout New York and beyond.

HHA Guiding Principles

  • Maintain a supportive atmosphere within the work environment.
  • Encourage all HHA Team Members to seek lifelong learning and mentorship.
  • Design spaces for all users - staff, students, family, and the like. 
  • Realize that clients work with limited capital resources, so our design must provide value.
  • Know that obvious solutions are not always the best; hence, we take the extra step to find the most ideal solution.
  • Recognize that a client's organization becomes ours; therefore, we work in their best interests. 
  • Understand that clients are busy and under pressure to perform; thus, we eliminate any additional burdens by ensuring HHA projects run smoothly, stay within budget, and on schedule.