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Burdett Birth Center | Maternity Unit

Project Size: 17,400-sf
Project Location: 2215 Burdett Ave #200, Troy, NY 12180
Project Team: Burdett Birth Center
Completion Date: May 2011
Construction Cost: $3.6 Million
Owner Contact: Jonathan Otterbeck

Project Request:

To develop the program and the design for a 17,400-sf separate maternity unit.

Project Solution:

With no options for temporarily relocating maternity services, the project was completed in six phases to maintain operations. The first phase gutted six postpartum rooms, staff lounge, office, and storage to provide four new private postpartum rooms, a large single nursery, on-call room, and staff locker room. The next phases converted six small postpartum rooms into three large private labor/delivery/recovery/postpartum (LDRP) rooms. All LDRPs provide separate staff/patient/infant/family zones with curtain separation and separate lighting at the staff area. This allows nighttime staff work to be performed without disrupting the patient. The rooms contain large birthing tubs or large walk-in showers. To reduce the clinical feel of the rooms the medical gases at both the patient and crib/bassinet area are concealed behind artwork that slides up to allow access. The new birth center includes eight private LDRP rooms and eight private postpartum rooms. Construction of the new nursery allowed for the complete gut renovation of the four-room nursery into a new dedicated surgery suite consisting of a C-section/operating room, a four-bay pre-op/PACU space, three private observation beds, and associated support spaces. The entire suite was refinished with warmer tones and materials to be inviting to mothers-to-be shopping for a maternity hospital.