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Emergency Department/Lobby Renovation | Kingston New York

Client: Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley, Kingston, New York
Project Size:
 14,500-sf addition
Project Location: 396 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401
Project Team: Health Alliance of the Hudson Valley
Completion Date: April 2010
Construction Cost: $6.5 Million

Project Details

The new 10,000 sf emergency department has 21 exam modules, up from its original 13. These modules include three trauma rooms, one cardiac treatment room, two isolation rooms, and one OB/GYN exam room. Nine remote exam spaces, completed by the design team as a separate project, are also available near the department. Other functions either improved upon or added to the original area include: two triage stations, greatly increased nurse and staffing areas, a decontamination room with separate entry, and separate emergency department registration area. The lobby renovation was developed to create an identity for the new health system with the addition of a main hospital entrance. The 2,500 sf one and a half story lobby addition provides seating for the emergency department and for general use separated by a new greeting and information desk. The lobby design and aesthetics matches a similar, smaller new lobby at the Benedictine Hospital to unify the two campuses. Hyman Hayes Associates participated in conceptual design and schematic design decisions. During the construction administration phase additional design modifications were made to keep on schedule and meet the continually evolving needs of
the merger.