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Integrating Architectural Designs

with Advanced Medical Tools

We had a fantastic day at HHA when Christian Lewis from Mindray visited our office! He graciously shared his expertise and showcased the latest medical equipment technology used by our healthcare clients.

It was an enlightening experience as we learned about cutting-edge ultrasound equipment and its impact on the design of healthcare spaces. The demonstration gave us a deeper understanding of how our architectural designs can integrate seamlessly with these advanced medical tools, ensuring efficiency and optimal patient care.

We're thrilled to stay ahead of the curve, continually expanding our knowledge of the healthcare industry and evolving technology. Thanks to this incredible opportunity, we can provide our clients with spaces that better align with their equipment requirements.

A big shoutout to Christian Lewis for spending time with us, sharing his expertise, and inspiring us to create architectural designs that complement advancements in medical equipment. We had a blast trying out the ultrasound on ourselves too!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to explore innovative solutions and strengthen our expertise in healthcare architecture!



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