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Normally, we discuss the importance of electric light and internal lighting layouts in Architecture and Interior Design - but what about Daylight? Daylight in Architecture is something important. Humans spend roughly 90% of their lives indoors. As designers of space, we should create spaces that have a positive impact on human health factors and overall well-being. One way to ensure we have a positive impact is to find ways to incorporate Daylight into our designs. In doing so, we not only create more harmonious spaces that connect the natural environment to the built environment, but it also improves alertness/mood/psychology/morale, decreases the effects of SAD [Seasonal Affective Disorder], conserves energy; and increases the value of a space. So, please consider Daylight in your designs to positively impact human health.



Page Bickham is an HHA Project Manager, recently earning her Master’s Degree in Architectural Lighting Design from the New York School of Interior Design with her undergraduate in Architecture from RPI’s 5-year program. Page believes good lighting design is critical to understanding interior spaces and can greatly enhance a space, especially in healthcare. She hopes to use light to help create more efficient, more comforting, and more enjoyable settings during the overall healthcare experience.     

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