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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Department Expansion | Albany Medical Center

Client: Albany Medical Center
Project Size: 3,657 sf
Completion Date: September 2019
Construction Cost: $1.9 million
Owner Contact: Briggs Montero, Vice President of Facilities

Project Details:

To accommodate increased demand Albany Medical Center expanded the MRI department into an adjacent radiology intake/recovery space to create a new two-MRI unit suite. The self-contained suite includes two infusion rooms, also used as post-op if patients need additional time to recover, that have ICU doors for maximum visibility; a central nurses’ station that controls all access into the suite as well as control of the two change stations and infusion rooms; clean storage; soiled holding; and a patient toilet room. The procedure area layout, with scan rooms on either side of a central equipment room, produces a large combined control room, allowing shared services, ample floor space for maneuvering patients and equipment, and clear visibility of the entire control room. In addition, the central equipment room increased efficiency by saving space; bringing all services to the same location; making service easier; and providing the same, but mirrored, equipment design. So much so that both magnets were picked, installed, and connected the same day, a rarity according to the manufacturer.

The layout of the suite was influenced by the need to install the units through the roof which had limited open space. Compounding issues was the large amount of mechanical equipment; chillers, condensers, exhaust fans, cryogen vents, all times two, as well as roof drains and piping that also needed to be located on the roof. Limited headroom and the location, partially within a 53-year-old concrete structural that required modifications, complicated the design process.