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New York Eye Surgical Center | Ophthalmology Surgical Center

Project Size: 5,800-sf
Project Team: New York Eye Surgical Center
Construction Cost: $1.5 Million
Owner Contact: Dr. Amjad Hammad

Project Request:

The New York Eye Surgical Center is a joint venture between Glens Falls Hospital and private ophthalmology surgeons to meet the expanding regional need for such services. Glens Falls Hospital provided a shell space and Hyman Hayes Associates was commissioned to design the new surgery center.

Project Solution:

Successful surgery centers must provide a warm, soothing atmosphere that reduces anxiety and provides a comfortable patient experience. Patients enter into a spacious 20-seat waiting room with upgraded finishes, Wi-Fi, coffee/beverage station, and generous natural light. The soothing atmosphere continues into the pre/post-op area where colors, textures, patterns, and natural light at each bay make for a comforting and distracting atmosphere, helping to reduce pre-surgery stress. The OR suite is compact with all support spaces centrally located. In a circular flow, patients enter the semi-restricted OR core through one door and then into post-op through another door. One laser treatment room, within the surgery area, is designed to be convertible into an OR. The second laser treatment room, for non-surgical cases, is located directly off the waiting room for easier access and to avoid the surgery environment. Finally, an enclosed pre/post-op bay is provided for pediatric patients and times when a higher level of acoustical privacy is required.