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Office of General Services (OGS) Design and Construction Group (D&C) | Architectural Services Term Agreement Window Replacement

Project Size: 12 Buildings
Project Location: State Wide
Project Team: Office of General Services (OGS)
Owner Contact: Reid Simonds, Project Manager

Project Request:

As part of our term contract with the NYS Office of General Services, HHA was charged with designing window replacements at five correctional facilities: Nathan Kline Institute, Edgecombe Correctional Facility, Fishkill Correctional Facility, Eastern Correctional Facility, and Bedford Hills Correctional Facilities.

Project Solution:

The projects included 110 different window sizes/configurations and totaled over 1,925 individual window units. All projects required a forensic investigation stage to document various deficiencies and proposed repair or replacement options, along with construction cost estimates. At Nathan Kline, moisture was entering and running down the inside of the stick-built aluminum curtainwall atrium framing. After extensive investigation we determined that the curtainwall had been incorrectly constructed. Its manufacturer was no longer in business so an entirely new curtainwall was specified. Extensive field investigation, sometimes on a boom lift, was required to document the many different window sizes, configurations, and attachment conditions. Most of the correctional facilities replaced original single pane windows with thermally broken windows and insulated security glass. Locations receiving operable steel window were also provided with security screens. Bedford Hills, although not registered, was of historical significance and the existing true divided lites had to be replicated. In addition, many of the operable windows were connected to mechanical operators and the new windows were required to accept reattachment of the operators. Extensive phasing and hazardous materials abatement were involved in three of the correctional facilities. Many of the windows required replacement of lintels and repair or complete reconstruction of deteriorated wood and masonry surrounds with new masonry openings.