Saratoga Hospital | New Intensive Care Unit

“Every building deserves the maximum amount of artistic exploration with a considered, deliberate approach. We seek to create spaces which impart feelings that you’re a participant in something exceptional, where function leads to calm, awe or inspiration. Our core values strive to convey that quality in every project we touch, from the modest to the extravagant.” ~Fredrick Franko, Director of Design


Saratoga Hospital | New Intensive Care Unit

  • Project Size: 17,000-sf
  • Project Location: 211 Church St, Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
  • Project Team: Saratoga Hospital
  • Completion Date: April 2015
  • Construction Cost: Part of the largest construction projects in the hospital’s history at $34 Million
  • Owner Contact: Kevin Ronayne, V.P. of Facility Operations
  • Project Request:

    To design an Intensive Care Unit in a patient-focused environment with the latest technology.  It was the client’s largest project in history.

  • Project Solution:

    Each of the 19 private rooms has ample space for family and other loved ones and includes windows and other features that promote healing. All rooms have advanced equipment, including in-room dialysis and the region’s most sophisticated patient monitoring systems. Infection control was a high design priority and we included electronic glass in lieu of curtains, vinyl flooring and solid surface counters with integral sinks. Decentralized nurse stations have direct visual access to each patient room. Computers are bedside and at all nurse stations, giving staff convenient patient file access. Each room has a secured nurse server, allowing staff to stock supplies, medications, linens, and small medical items from the corridor. The medical support area was divided into two pods each with a central nurses’ station; clean, soiled, medication distribution; and pneumatic tube stations, improving accessibility from all patient rooms. A New elevator core provides direct access to the new west connector corridor that leads to the waiting area. The waiting room is monitored and access controlled by greeter and security cameras.