Structural Engineering Case Studies


| FISCHER DESIGN GROUP | Oakland University-HHA

Provided structural steel design services for several stairs on the new Oakland Center Expansion project at Oakland University in Detroit, Michigan. This included the steel design of several different types of stair ranging from ornamental to switchback. We also provided design services for the stair handrails and other handrails used in the building. This project required coordination between HHA and Fischer Design Group to ensure the stair design was economical and constructible too.




| FISCHER DESIGN GROUP | Moderna Pipe Rack

This project involved the design of an extensive steel framed pipe rack inside of an existing building. The design required coordination between HHA, Fischer Design Group and the Contractor to ensure the pipe rack support columns would fit inside of the office partition walls below. HHA built an extensive analytical model of the pipe rack to ensure an efficient design of the steel members.



| BRYCE REALTY | Warner Brothers Studios

HHA provided design services for the renovation of the existing second and third floor of the Market Block Building on River Street in Troy, New York for the new Warner Brothers Studio offices. Work included replacement and reinforcing of existing floors, openings through existing bearing walls, replacement of an existing roof and a connector bridge to connect between two buildings.





| INDUSTRIAL PROCESS DESIGN| Minteq Furnace Building

HHA was retained to review the damage to the various concrete structural elements. Damage included cracking and spalling to a variety of different concrete elements both inside  and outside of the building. As with all concrete repair work, this project required us to work with the Owner to learn the history of the building as well as its daily use. After performing field investigation work HHA developed repair details as well as repair product and material recommendations.



| ENGINEERED SOLUTIONS | Luzerne County Community College Roof Top Units

HHA analyzed the roof framing system for several of the buildings on campus to see if they were capable of supporting the weight of several new roof top units. This required field work by HHA to verify the accuracy of the existing structural drawings provided to us by the College. HHA worked closely with Engineered Solutions, their client and the College to determine which roofs were okay as is and which roofs would require reinforcing to support the new units.




| TROY IRONWORKS INC | Goshen Library Braced Frame Connection Design

HHA designed the braced frame connections for all nine of the braced frames in the new Goshen Library Building in Goshen, New York. This design work required close coordination with the steel detailer on the project to ensure the connections were coordinated with the rest of the steel frame detailing for the building. All connection design work was done using the RAM Connection software.