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Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital - Grand Opening of Pulmonary & Cardiac Rehab Wing!



Sunnyview Rehabilitation Hospital recently celebrated the Grand Opening of their third-floor Pulmonary and Cardiac Rehabilitation Wing.

The Ribbon Cutting ceremony was held in Sunnyview's state-of-the-art therapy gym, showcasing the cutting-edge Bioness Vector Patient Lift equipment, a key component of their advanced rehabilitation technology. This innovative technology is designed to enhance independent walking and provide a safe environment for therapists to work with patients at varying levels of ability. The ceiling-mounted robotic trolley assists both patients and therapists during physical therapy sessions, ensuring optimal outcomes.

In the coming weeks, Sunnyview will begin accepting new patients at their new facility, offering top-notch care and rehabilitation services.

We are excited to collaborate with Sunnyview for Phase II & III of their rehabilitation programs.

Great job, Project Manager Angela Ryason!




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