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Syracuse Surgery Center | Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center

Project Size: 5650-sf
Project Location: 3400 Vickery Rd, North Syracuse, NY 13212
Project Team: Eye Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Center
Construction Cost: $860,000
Owner Contact: Dr. Thomas Bersani

Project Request:

To design an economical and efficient multi-specialty medical center.

Project Solution:

In order to maximize the center’s use, the facility was designed as a multi-specialty center with two operating rooms. The efficient design has a 70% utilization factor, which maximizes the available square footage and minimizes construction costs. Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems were designed to meet today’s stringent technical requirements (air changes, cleanability, and durability) while saving energy and minimizing operational and maintenance expenses. One of the keys to a successful surgery center is to provide a warm, soothing atmosphere that reducing anxiety. In this space, the patient enters into a spacious waiting room with upgraded finishes and ample natural light. The interior design continues into the pre/post-op area where colors, textures, patterns, and natural light at each bay make for a comforting and distracting atmosphere, helping to reduce pre-surgery stress. Two enclosed bays are provided for times when a higher level of acoustical privacy is required. These bays are fronted with glass doors to provide a feel of openness. Flow within the building and on the site was designed to separate arriving patients from discharged patients and to prove a separate entrance for staff as well.