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Tina Flagg | Director of Operations & Finance

Tina Flagg serves as the Director of Operations & Finance at HHA. In this role, she efficiently manages the day-to-day operations of the office and oversees all financial matters for the company.

With over 4 years at HHA, Tina brings a wealth of experience accumulated over her impressive 25-year career in the business world. Originally hailing from Castleton/Fair Haven Vermont, Tina currently resides in Clifton Park with her husband and two sons. Meanwhile, her third son proudly serves in the United States Marine Corps.

Outside of her professional commitments, Tina cherishes spending quality time with her beloved family and three dogs and cat. Additionally, she finds solace in visiting the ocean, which holds a special place in her heart. Among the various coastal destinations, she has explored, Sanibel Island has always captivated her the most.

Tina's personal philosophy revolves around the power of love and kindness. She firmly believes that these virtues serve as the ultimate remedy in life. As she navigates her professional journey, Tina remains guided by her favorite quote: "Love and Kindness are the best medicine."

With Tina's exceptional expertise and unwavering dedication, HHA is fortunate to have her leading the charge in operations and finance. Her profound understanding of the business landscape, coupled with her passion for fostering positive relationships, ensures that HHA continues to thrive under her capable leadership.