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University at Albany-SUNY | University Wide Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Study

Project Size: +/- 650 acres
Project Location: Campus Wide
Project Team: University at Albany-SUNY
Completion Date: November 2018
Owner Contact: Anette Barnes, Capital Program Manager

Project Request:

To conduct a campus-wide ADA compliancy study whose implementation leads to better campus-wide accessibility for students, faculty, and staff.

Project Solution:

Our comprehensive ADA study and implementation plan identified deficiencies and provided recommendations for both the SUNY Albany’s uptown and downtown campuses. It focused largely on applicable site features and buildings constructed prior to 1990. Although applicable building codes and the ADA do not require full compliance with ADA for existing buildings, Title 2 does require institutions to remove barriers limiting those with disabilities from equal access to goods and services. To complete this project effectively, it required a full understanding of all the influences – economic, historic preservation, advocacy groups, project size, codes, etc. – to provide SUNY Albany with a balanced and sensible approach for the maximum possible accessibility.