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Renovations 2024: Schuyler Ridge Residential Healthcare - Senior Living |

Clifton Park, New York



In 2019, HHA collaborated with SPHP Schuyler Ridge on an extensive 87,000 square foot, $14.8 million renovation project ( see project here https://hymanhayes.com/schuyler-ridge-residential-healthcare-addition-clifton-park-new-york?cat=6 ). Following the success of this endeavor, we were invited back to undertake interior renovations in the main lobby areas and nourishment stations, as well as revamp three existing nurse stations.

It is worth mentioning that a significant portion of HHA's projects come from repeat clients, showcasing the trust and satisfaction they have in our work.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all involved in these projects, as your support and partnership mean more to us than words can express.