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Surgical Services Projects

“Surgery suites have the most complex design requirements of any healthcare space. High construction, operational, and equipment costs require them to be rightsized and designed for flexibility for emerging surgical procedures. We carefully consider the patient and family experience in our designs, as well as staff, supply and equipment flow to maximize economics.”

~Myles Hyman, Principal

Posted: 07/12/2018
To design the upgrade and expansion of the surgical suite at Albany Medical Center.
Posted: 07/05/2018
As part of the design team for the $20- million consolidation of Kingston and Benedictine, HHA designed six projects at the Benedictine Hospital, including an operating room suite expansion.
Posted: 07/12/2018
To plan and design the renovation for a two-room operating room suite to serve as temporary ORs. Albany Medical Center could not wait for a planned expansion to be completed.
Posted: 07/12/2018
Design a new endovascular operating suite, a first in the region, to accommodate a variety of complex new surgical procedures.
Posted: 07/23/2020
As part of an upgrade of surgical services at their South Clinical Campus facility, Albany Medical Center asked Hyman Hayes to add an extended stay suite (up to 23 hours) to the recovery unit. Space available from a previous clinic relocation was gutted to provide 12 three-sided patient bays, two private rooms, and support spaces. A rear corridor provides direct access from PACU to the suite, and an office suite replaces offices displaced by the renovation. The surgical waiting area was also upgraded, including a new reception desk, consult room, and wood grain lockers for patient belongings.
Posted: 07/24/2020
This amazing aesthetic transformation is the result of repurposing the back of an existing low-end retail shopping center to accommodate a new 12,000 sf, state-of-the-art ambulatory surgery center. This adaptive use project provides a modern, inviting, patient-friendly and more accessible environment for outpatient surgery. The previously stark, service side of the building was transformed into a sleek, public façade for the new center. The signature canopied main entrance provides a visible marker from nearby roads. Complete gut renovation allowed designers to create a modern, clean aesthetic for the surgery center. Designers evaluated several buildings, selected this one for its wide structural bays and structural height – which reduced construction costs -- and ample patient parking.
Posted: 07/30/2018
To design a free-standing surgery and pain center that accommodates present and long-term practice and business goals.
Posted: 04/02/2019
Fit out the second floor of their new medical office building in Niskayuna for Gastroenterology.
Posted: 07/23/2020
The existing 3-room cardiac cath department included an under utilized 7-bed prep/recovery area for high risk patients adjacent to 2 cardiac cath labs accessed by a cramped central shared control room. To meet the increased cardiac cath volume, Albany Medical Center needed to add another cardiac cath unit and elected to convert the recovery space into a fourth cath lab, completely reconfigure the adjacent cath lab layouts, and add a separate transesophageal echocardiography (TEE) procedure room. The project was phased to keep 3 cath units in operation throughout. The final layout included new 225-SF TEE room; new 515-SF cath lab; new 570-SF central control room, reconfigured 490-SF hybrid cardiac cath/electrophysiology (EP) lab. The  existing adjacent cath lab control room was upgraded as a separate follow-up project.
Posted: 07/30/2018
To design a 7,000-sf ophthalmology surgery center where state-of-the-art medical procedures are provided in a modern, patient-centered environment.
Posted: 07/30/2018
To consolidate the new Optical Center and the Ambulatory Surgery Center into one flagship facility.
Posted: 07/31/2018
To design an economical and efficient multi-specialty medical center.
Posted: 07/30/2018
To renovate convert an office-based endoscopy center to an Article 28 ambulatory surgery center.
Posted: 06/30/2018
The New York Eye Surgical Center is a joint venture between Glens Falls Hospital and private ophthalmology surgeons to meet the expanding regional need for such services. Glens Falls Hospital provided a shell space and Hyman Hayes Associates was commissioned to design the new surgery center.